National Recovery Solutions, LLC of Lockport, NY is hosts an annual charity golf tournament to benefit The Make a Wish Foundation and Mikey’s Way. Over the years, our organization has generated over $80,000 to support the wish of children who are living with life-threatening medical conditions. With the support of our generous sponsors and organizations we look forward to fulfilling a local child’s wish. In addition, we look forward to continuing to sponsor a Mikey’s Way Day at Roswell Park Cancer Institute.

Granting wishes allow disadvantaged children to have a special day doing whatever they have wanted to do most. The Make a Wish Foundation and Mikey’s Way do a tremendous job providing great joy to children. The fantastic support this organization provides comes at a time when the children need it most. We are proud and fortunate to give back to our community and disadvantaged children through these foundations.

Aaron's Wish

For many years, seventeen-year-old Aaron who is diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma has been enamored with snakes, the bigger the better! He now owns several Ball Python’s and his dream is to one day be a professional breeder of these unique reptiles. So when his wish granters asked him what his one most heartfelt wish was, it came as no surprise to his parents that he wished to meet “The Python Hunters” who had a documentary-type show on the National Geographic Channel. Although the show is no longer is production, the three stars of the show immediately agreed to meet Aaron.

A limousine arrived at the family’s home in the early morning hours and he and his mom were taken to the airport where they flew to Ft. Meyers, Florida. Aaron’s first wish day was spent at the Python Hunters ‘facility’ which is a large building that houses every kind, color and size of python one could imagine! Aaron asked as many questions as he could fit into the day about all aspects of snake breeding.

The next morning, Aaron and his mother were on the road again, heading to the National reptile Breeder’s Expo in Daytona Beach, Florida. Not only was Aaron able to meet the many vendors and their reptiles, the Python Hunters had a booth at the Expo and Aaron was able to spend time with them again.

After spending two full days indoors, Aaron and his mom were able to head to the beach for a free day before heading home. Aaron’s mom told us that he had been hesitant to go into the ocean but once in the water, he didn’t want to leave!

Thanks to your support, Aaron was able to experience a wish of a lifetime which just may also have brought him a little closer to realizing his dream of becoming a reptile breeder!

Sponsored By: National Recovery Solutions, LLC 2013

Erin's Wish

Erin’s decision to wish for a trip to Walt Disney World® Resort was based on the 10-year-old’s conviction that this would be a perfect way to give the whole family a chance to enjoy her wish with her. They had often talked about going to that magical place someday and her mom says that she wasn't surprised that her daughter picked Disney because she is always thinking of others.

Mom ads, "It was extremely important to have this trip to look forward to as a goal for the end of her cancer treatments. We often used it as therapy and to get her in a better place during the rough times." Erin explains that, "the trip meant a lot to me because it made me feel happy and made me forget all of the things that happened to me." The Magic Kingdom was her favorite Disney Park. She loved the castle and seeing all the different Disney characters roaming around. The very best memory for Erin was getting a princess makeover and the princess dinner. She just loved the feeling of being a princess, and seeing her favorites - Belle and Cinderella!

The family stayed at Give Kids the World Village and is full of praise for the people at their accommodations. Erin remembers, "Give Kids the World was full of kind and caring people willing to donate their time to help kids like me. I had about seven ice cream cones there!" Her mom loved having a place to stay that felt like home and also sings the praises of the volunteers. "The kids feel right at home [there] because they are surrounded by other kids going through the same things," she says. The entire family agrees that Erin's magical wish trip was a smashing success and something they will never forget.

Sponsored by National Recovery Solutions2012

Alaina Wishes to go to Europe!

18-year-old Alaina is diagnosed with chronic kidney failure. Some of Aliana’s favorite things are macaroni and cheese, anything purple, the television show Grey’s Anatomy and going shopping at Forever 21. When it was time for Aliana to choose her wish, she knew exactly what it was going to be; Aliana wanted to take a trip through Europe! Aliana and her mother had the chance to visit France, Italy and Greece. While making their way through Europe, Alaina was able to see works by Michelangelo, visit the Louvre Museum, check out the Leaning Tower of Pisa, go swimming in the Mediterranean and see Venice by gondola. Alaina said that her trip was the wish of a lifetime and that she will never forgot the memories created during her wish experience!

Sponsored by National Recovery Solutions 2011

Jessica’s Wish

Jessica is a twelve year old from Niagara Falls who was diagnosed with Ewings Sarcoma. After careful consideration, Jessica wished to have a shopping spree! On Saturday September 25th 2010 she and her familywalked outside to find a stretch limousine waiting in their driveway! Firststop was Reeds/Jenss Décor where the manager was eagerly awaiting herarrival. Jessica was given a tiara, which she immediately put on, a braceletwith a guardian angel charm and a Vera Bradley bag before she even beganto shop with her spending money! Then it was off to the Galleria for a fun-filledday of shopping topped off by lunch at the Cheesecake Factory. TheBuild a Bear store treated her to bear-building session so she will alwayshave a cuddly memory from this special day.We hold this story close to our hearts, as Jessica has since passed. Her wish provided her with hope, strength and joy, and has left many memories for her family to cherish forever.

Sponsored by National Recovery Solutions2010

Greg's Wish

Greg, a local wish child from Lancaster, New York just celebrated his 8th birthday! Greg is diagnosed with neurofibromatosis, a life threatening medical condition. Even with daily hassles of medications and doctor’s visits, this little boy is always smiling and determined to have fun!

Greg enjoys nothing more than having spa therapy for his leg. When it came time to pick his wish, Greg wished to HAVE a spa in his backyard for therapy!

Greg was in for a big surprise…his spa was being delivered just in time for his 8th birthday! Greg’s wish grantors and family surprised him on his birthday with his favorite treat, a giant cookie cake, and his brand new Marquis Spa!

Greg will be enjoying his spa for years to come thanks to the NRS Charity Classic.

Sponsored by National Recovery Solutions 2009

Maddison’s Wish

Maddison is a 7 year old girl from Lockport, NY and is diagnosed withosteogenic sarcoma - a life-threatening medical condition. In herspare time, Maddison likes to watch ICarly.Maddison was recently asked if she had one wish what would thatwish be?! Maddison wished to MEET Miranda Cosgrove!Thanks to the generosity and support of the National RecoverySolutions Charity Classic, Maddison and her family were recentlyable to travel to Los Angeles and meet Miranda Cosgrove on the setof ICarly! Maddison was able to hang out with the star of ICarly allday and she also went to Universal Studios while in LA.

Sponsored by National Recovery Solutions 2008